Rare Curly Ash Canoe Paddle

Rare Curly Ash Canoe Paddle


58″ Sliver, oiled canoe paddle, made from a very rare piece of Curly Ash wood. Truly a one of a kind paddle – only one was made! Badger Paddle Sock included.

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Product Description

At first glance, many people would believe this canoe paddle to be made of Curly Maple but that is not the case. This Sliver is actually made from a unique cut of Curly Ash. Truly one of a kind, this beautiful canoe paddle measures 58 inches, is oiled, and ready to take you or your loved one on many canoe adventures. This is the only Curly Ash paddle we have in stock… and, to be honest, we have been holding on to it for a bit while debating about keeping it for ourselves. We’re still not sure about it, so you better get your paws on it before we change our minds! A Badger Paddle Sock is also included with this paddle.

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