Paddle In The Park Contest ‘Flag’ Decals – Limited Time Only

PITPC Decals (Full Set)PITPC Paddle Points Decal - Woman PortageurPITPC Paddle Points Decal - Man PortageurPITPC Paddle Points Decal - Woman Portageur with DogPITPC Paddle Points Decal - Man Portageur with DogPITPC Paddle Points Decals: #TheRewardsAreOutThere

Paddle In The Park Contest ‘Flag’ Decals – Limited Time Only


PADDLE IN THE PARK CONTEST “FLAG” Decal, Approx 3″ x 4″, Vinyl Decal/Sticker.

In celebration of all of Nature’s rewards, this special PADDLE IN THE PARK CONTEST “FLAG” decal will not only let you show your love for the message behind the PITPC, but can also earn you double the points for the Paddle In The Park Contest too! Visit for more information about this year’s event or click to see our list of 9(+1) Rewards & Reasons on “Why You Should Spend Time In Nature EVERYDAY”! (U.S. Paddlers, please contact us directly at to purchase. Thank you!)


Product Description

Sure, this decal may have caught your eye because of its iconic image and the message behind what it represents, but this decal is more than just a super cool sticker. You see, this decal will not only score you some brownie points with your fellow PITPC paddlers, but will also earn you double the Paddle In The Park Contest POINTS too! That’s right, because this decal is for decoration and it’s an official PITPC “Flag” too.

So just sport this “Flag” decal in any of the photos you enter for the 2016 Paddle In The Park Contest this coming Summer (July/August/September) and increase your chance to win some SWAG and gear from our incredible sponsors – there’s even a canoe from Nova Craft up for grabs! See: Paddle In The Park Contest ( for all the info and to celebrate all of the rewards that Nature has to offer!

Important to note: You do not have to buy these decals to take part in the PITPC, you can also download and print your favourite “Flag” design on your home computer for free!


(PITPC) PADDLE IN THE PARK CONTEST “Paddle Points” Decal, Approx 3″ x 4″, Vinyl Decal/Sticker. NOTE: The “portage yellow” colour may not be exactly as shown due to the limited hue palette available for websites/online media.

So what is the PITPC? Only the best outdoor advocacy campaign, disguised as a contest, of the Summer! (2013/2014/2015/2016)


9(+1) Rewards & Reasons Why You Should Spend Time In Nature Everyday!


Additional Information

Additional Information


Woman Portageur, Man Portageur, Woman with Dog, Man with Dog, Full Set

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