Hand Painted Heritage Canoe Paddles

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Hand Painted Heritage Canoe Paddles

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Badger Heritage Canoe Paddles – Various woods and hand painted designs available. Artwork inspired by the scenes captured in the paintings of Francis Anne Hopkins and William Armstrong – in celebration of the history and culture of canoeing and Canada.


Product Description


These handcrafted Badger Canoe Paddles are available in various woods, shapes, finishes, and heritage inspired styles. Choose from a variety of Voyageur influenced hand painted canoe paddle designs to suit your decor or traditional tastes. These hand painted paddle designs are inspired by the scenes captured in the paintings of renowned artists Francis Anne Hopkins, and William Wallace Armstrong, in celebration of the history of canoeing and Canada.

As always, a Badger Paddle Sock is included with each paddle. Due to the delicacy of hand painted work, extra care must be taken with these paddles when put to use. To ensure the life of the painting, we suggest you take special precautions, steer clear of any rocks, and gently wipe the painted area dry after your paddling adventure. Each sold separately.

Due to the imperfect nature of handcrafted and hand painted work, each is a little bit different and therefore may not be exactly as shown. These hand painted paddle designs are also available by order. Contact us for current turnaround times and information. Note: these are not meant to be exact replicas.
Francis Ann Hopkins "Voyageurs At Dawn" Painting

Voyageurs at Dawn, 1871 by Frances Anne Hopkins (1838-1919)*

Francis Ann Hopkins Paddle Inspiration

Zoomed in: Voyageurs at Dawn, 1871 by Frances Anne Hopkins (1838-1919)*

Hudson's Bay Store, Fort William, c. 1860-1870

Hudson’s Bay Store, Fort William, c. 1860-1870 by William Armstrong (1822 – 1914)**

*National Library and Archives of Canada

**National Gallery Of Canada

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Additional Information

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Outfitter, White Leggings, Cherry Leggings, Tulip Leggings, Portageur

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